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Warmly celebrate HOME Lighting through the CE and ROSH certificate!

Date:2019-01-17 Views:334

LED lamps CE certification testing for national products in the European market to trade a unified technical specification, simplifying trade procedures. Any country to enter the EU, the European Free Trade Area must be CE certification, CE mark affixed on the product. Therefore CE certified products into the European Union and the European Free Trade Area countries market permits. CE certification indicates that the product has reached the safety requirements of the EU directive; was a commitment of business to consumer, increasing the level of consumer confidence in the products; affixed with a CE marked products in Europe will reduce the risk of the market, special Note, CE certification must be authorized in the EU's announcement institution.

These risks include:

· Customs to detain and investigate the risk;

· The market surveillance authorities investigate the risk;

· The peer-competitive purposes allegations risk.

IHOME Lighting successfully passed the CE certification, please come to order IHOME lighting products!


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