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AC LED Neon Flex, Small Oval C-Bend
Product descriptions
>>Uniform,absolutely homogeneous illumination,
>>LM-80 approved LED of the premium quality with high brightness, 
>>High amount of copper in FPC ensure excellent heat dissipation,
>>Resistant against water, UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion.
>>Safe and simple connection system for easy on-site installation after cutting
>>Estimated lifetime L70 at Ta<45°C:>50000h.
Product features
>>Available in homogeneous white tones,start from 1800K
>>a variety of light color come in red,blue,green,Pink,yellow etc
>>shorter cutting intervals of down to 18",
>>longer connection length per input of up to 165FT
>>Premium light quality, offer CRI up to Ra90 
>>IP65 or IP68 rated and for damp or wet locations use
>>Easy installation due to optional soAHer-free connectors
Product Size
Product technical data
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